Friday, November 9, 2007

Rock on.

sorry i broke it into two posts.
the upload pics part took me forever laa.
i was hungry.

This morning yue vern's aunt suddenly mentioned the concert of The Click Five and then here we are. in the Hard Rock Cafe in KL. :)
(only) me and yue vern went. we reached at 7.30 and were supposed to have our dinner there but it was so so pack that we didnt even have a table to order food. :(
anyway, the concert was great. as in really really great. it really worth 50bucks la. the guys performed quite many songs. for those who didnt make it, man u guys really missed all the fun la.
the crowd, the cheer, the 2nd hand smoke (wtf.), the click five, the loudness, the cute guys, the pretty chicks.... everything!
and yes speaking of 2nd hand smoke. i'm gonna die earlier than anyone of you who's reading this la >< hah.

and now i present you the pics.
just few pieces la.
i took a few only and i'm too lazy to uploud them.

the crowd

joey G

okay there supposed to be 5
but aiya can't get the other 2 la.
stupiddd crowd.

yue vern . me
(nice effect eh? heh)

video of the song 'jenny'
( xian voon, i purposely upload this for u la.
cut all the crap of downloading the player or wtv shit.
just watch here :D )


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