Sunday, March 23, 2008

I woke up this morning
with a smile on my face.
I asked myself what's this for?
And I remembered you
and I thought of you.

its been raining all day.
boyf went PD to visit his grannies today.
eiyerr its our 9 months anni laa
i actually planned to give him a surprise by popping out in front of his house.
never mind la.
family comes first right?

hmm suddenly miss you alot la dear. >.<

i still remember the 23rd of last month.

it was such a bad day laa.
things didnt go on well on that day,
in fact, they were wrong, so so wrong.
but im happy today was great.

well i know i promise and apologize and thank you every month on this day.
and i dont think anything ever changed.
heehh XD
but still, i'm sorry dear.
sorry for all the troubles, worries, quarrels and bad attitude of mine
i will remember what you said in the evening.
im trying really hard and im ald on my way there.
but please, dont expect too much too soon okay?

and thank you dear for your constant love and undying support,
also your patience and for always standing by me. (:
you're the best la seriously.
but at the same time,
you're the silliest guy living. haha. dumbo. XD

i love you dear, now and always.
may all the good things last forever.

happy 9 months. <33

p.s. happy easter! (:

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