Friday, March 7, 2008

take a breath, I pull myself together

after youknowhowlong
i finally am back to update my so freaking dead blog.
me, welcome back!

so, exam's finally over!
cheers babe.
besides add math, physic, chemistry, moral, bm
guess the others are okay laa.

went KLCC after school with darling teong
just in case if you're wondering why her,
go figure it out yourself. heehhh
then boyf came. a-hemmm.
at first planned to watch movie
but la tak tau why time passed so quickly,
we couldnt make it.
some more boyf kinda insisted on attending the twins, sze ling n sze en's surprise party.
it was a very last minute plan la
i called back home to tell mom bout it and kena-ed. lol

took lrt back to taman jaya. saw hui zhin.
then taxi-ed, dropped darling teong and headed to the twin's house.
merry-go-round-ed that kawasan for half and hour but still couldnt find their house -.-''
jalan 1/27, 1/19, 1/22, 1/24, 1/29, 1/44, 1/49, 1/....
dah went in and out all the jalans la
but why, why no 1/26?
taxi fare went up to dont know how much la. expensive shit.
but nvm la. i won a little during the gamble with nen, sue miao, ze khan and boyf.

well. party was not bad. really.
something i really would regret if i miss la.
thank you boyf for insisting la.
and i'm sorry. (:
had lotsa fun, makaned banyak, craped all night, gambled and kiss-kiss gamed.
heh and i wonder who kissed who ohhh *roll eyes*

left the twins' house at abt 10.
taxi-ed back with boyf and ze khan.

oooohhhhhh and speaking of boyf.
my bloody boyf ar,
damn mou leong sam lorhh.
he called me nen lin la.

p.s. ze khan, now i dah tau where u live,
better treat me better or i'll burn down your house. lol

pic will be up soon, after i finish receiving from boyf.
till then, take care!
will update more la.

ciao! =)

to our sweet-sour relationship,
hope u get well soon la.
i love youuuu!

and thank you banyak banyak to darling teong for accompanying + being there for me.
i lovee yooo!

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