Thursday, April 3, 2008

hehe today was a cantek day la.
its been a long long time since i've felt that attached to boyf.
boyf? haha weird.

i miss you laa.

and the tuition class was great.
i kinda enjoyed the new chapter. (:
hope this time i dpt catch up laa =/

oh and i completed both the presents ald.
but sorry loong, yours still on pending list la. lol
sorry la dear.
i've got a terrific amount of work to do lately
revision pun tak ada masa nak buat lol.
well, gotta complete the LM invitation cards first.
i promise to get you something really really nice la okay? (:

so i think thats all for now ba.
i havent complete michael's daily newspaper cutting la. =S
gotta go!

`` love is in the air~ (:

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