Sunday, April 20, 2008

i woke up early today,
then i fell back asleep.

when i woke up again,

the sun was already high high up in the sky,

filling the room with warmth and light.

i recalled what happened yesterday
heh. what a day man.

i went to school, left jared the cloth then ciao-ed to mid valley with dear.
and wtf. i met shuxuan and kai lin in the bus -.-

then lunched, movied and lepaked.
met him there, well he seemed happy. good thing.
then dear left.
and thought i insisted so.


words were typed out using my finger, not my heart.

then i really didnt know what to do.
guess i've been pampered by dear too much lately.

i used to shop alone,
i used to eat alone,
i used to love wandering around alone,
i used to..
but at that moment.

i just hate my decision. i just hate myself so so much.

then i left mv and hopped into a bus.
i didnt know where was the bus heading to.
i didnt know where was i.
i didnt know who was the guy beside me.
i just wanted to get away form everything.

heh but of cuz,
i managed to patah balik,
and took lrt back home laa (:

and horr.
the trip you mentioned yesterday,
suddenly came into my mind.
i really want to,
but why.
whyyy must it be during this mid term holidays????


heh. and thank you arr for the lunch.
although the noodles sucked, seriously.

yup. everything will be alright.

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