Tuesday, April 22, 2008

It's okay to be a little broken,

everybody's broken in this life.

im not supposed to feel this way.
but i dont know.
even with you by my side just now.
things just couldnt stop running in my mind.
its like im thinking bout something.
but i dont know what the hell is that thing.
and it really is bothering me.

i feel so vexed

i really hope i could do something to help.
i really hope i have something to contribute.
i feel so useless la.
besides spending your time and standing at a side to watch you
what more do i do?

i thought of ways to bring us closer.
im trying.
i really want to.
but i dont know la.
life's been pretty busy
and im starting to lose grip on it.

or maybe cuz im feeling emotional right now?
i always think a lot and create unnecessary questions when im emotional.
am i too tired?
i even yelled at my maid just now.
oh gawddd.
what's happening to mee.

maybe im just too tensed up.

signing off.
i need a warm comfortable bath.
i need you.

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