Wednesday, April 30, 2008

finally done with his skin.
wooot! hope you like it larr. (:

kena gang bang in 4P1. T.T
and ppl are starting to call me 'ma mahh' ald.
apa niii. me still young okayy. -.-
but never mind larr,
at least im one 'ma mahh' yang bahagia~ heeee

mr michael!
HAHAHAHAHAHA i tell you.
damn funny. really.
oh just in case if you have no clue in what's happening,
i've been skipping his class recently, alot.
and he got kinda (well, very actually) angry and sent my name to lim yoke keng
and today, he was supposed to test us on the english vocab thingy.
so i sat down and he asked me,
''gal, are you facing any problems? you've been skipping my class, i know.''
''erm sorry teacher, but i've been facing some personal problems, health problems.''
*tears started to flow non-stop*
''well then you could've told me earlier, why didnt you find me? what health problems are you facing?''
''erm i've been having period for 2 weeks continuously and i feel very tired all the time and i cant concentrate well in anything.''
''oh. then okay. you sure you're not lying to me? i trust you. one chance, one chance is all i give. you go back to your seat, i'll test you on monday.''
i escaped. escaped!!
and oiyoo poor justin and jun yang and anselm and so on.
tsk tsk.
you guys should pick up some acting skills form me larr XD

add math class
its been a very very long time since i actually understand what is teacher talking bout
man it feels good la.

trip to mid valley with dear.
heeeeee. okay i know i've skipped many many chemistry classes.
but aiyahh. dont care larr. hehh.
we watched ''escape from huang shi''
mm boring movie to me.
tak encourage you all to watch lar,
unless if you have too much cash and time.
still, i had a great time. (:

hari guru banner.
so bigg.
so manyy.

time time time.
if only there were 48 hours in a day

if only you were here with me..

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