Sunday, April 13, 2008

You calm the storms, and you give me rest

thank god there's ppl who truly understands what i'm thinking.

and so i went to school with you,
and back from school with you.
thanks for the slippers and the advice.

yesterday was a buzz buzz buzzeee day
reached school about 8 *cough*
ice breaking, preparation for the maze, staiton game, bbq.
i didnt eat for lucnh and dinner.
surprisingly i survived. -.-

well, gathering was okay..
ada yang sad ada yang happy ada yang fun dan ada yang marah
thigns didnt really go on well,
but at least,
we all tried our best
thanks to all who came and all who helped out.

oh oh and rumors are..
gawd spreading like shit, ppl keep asking me.
but i tak ada comment la.
not now, maybe.
will make it clear with all of you, when the time is right. =)

yes, and the pictures for gathering,
i'll post it up when im free la
or for those who cant wait to have them,
get from me personally, i'll pass you the pendrive.
and requests will only be accepted starting tmr.

till then, take care!
lovessssss, me.

hello again, it's you and me
kinda always like it used to be

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