Friday, April 18, 2008

&& your kisses may be aimed for my lips

but darling they land on my heart

today was a great great day.
i actually stayed in class for one, two, three, four periods
yes! four periods!! XD

then me went sunway university college for the leadership seminar together with the LM ppl.
it was great.
okay maybe just so-so.
heeeh. but i had fun laa

anddddd. it was so so sweet of you to stay back for me la.
heh. i mean, you were supposed to go back early to rest marr.
hmmm. now im feeling more satisfied with my haircut la.
OH YES, i had a haircut!
this is actually my first time having haircut together with.. er. boyfriend?
hahaa yeahh.
and it was also my first time dining in that restaurant.
thanks alot man.

me reached home about 9.30pm
surprisingly, brother didnt ask much.

and tmr majlis anugerah cemerlang yoo.
guess im skipping all the duties and stuff la.
sorry ppl.
especially to LM.

also, all the best to the sweetie.
may all your harkwork pay off larr.
i support you always.


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