Saturday, May 17, 2008


yesterday was a blast mann.
thanks to everyone who wished me.
birthday can never be perfect without blessings (:

and also, special thanks to uncle lew and ah biao eugene and vinc-yuee (see i spelled your name correctly XD)
and of cuz, not forgetting secret recipe, for the 'complimentary' cake. LOL.

so we went secret recipe to celebrate.
honestly, it was my first time dining there.
also, my first time celebrating bday with them, him. (:
haha everything went on well.
didnt really expect to have so much fun though.
laughed all the way till my stomach hurts la.
especially that pair of 'gays'.
man. beh tahan.
anyway, thanks guys, really. heeeeee :D


uncle lew's



eugene's cup of coffee which was pathetically small.
and pathetically sweet.
thanks to the gay partner.

our first pic in these 2 years.

ahhhaaaa yes yes, the gays
seeee. so see-wee-iitt.

banyak ngai arr you ppl.
ahah but really surprised me larr.
i mean the words.

together we cut! X)

HA! our first victim *evil smile*

i like this pic.
idk why. heeee :D

camera shyyy

berusaha-ing to swallow the cake.
3 pieces ehh.

purposely ate the words ' i love'

enough said. (:

he's eugene's nightmare la.
coffee pun him.
mayonnaise pun him.
ish ish.

ah biao eugene.
laughing to the glass. XD

uncle lew.
and oh myy. i went back home with the parking ticket.
guess what.
poor man kena 50bucks denda.

16. here i comee!

no wonder they call it 'sweet 16'.


but still,
on the other side,
birthday is just another day when family
comes into the story.

got screwed by dad on the way back.
damn unreasonable lor.
the renovation in my house got problem also blame it on me.
i know la lately i brought you guys alot of problems.
but heyy how can you blame the renovation shit on me?
i didnt screw that.

yeah. thats why i hate going home.
and i hate living with you guys.
well, if only i have the guts to confess.

reached home and house was noisy and unpeaceful as usual.
nap-ed awhile and woke up again at 7.
had the 'blow candle' celebration again.
cake, bday song, pictures.. the typical procedures la

what made it different,
was the mood they're having.
the atmosphere.
i'd rather they forgotten my bday than 'celebrating' with that bloody faces.

dinner was so-so.
purposely sat at the end of the longgg rectangular table.
didnt want to face anyone of them.
day ruiners.


so, its another new year for me.
i hope things will turn better.

thats all la.

no mood liao after writing bout the family thingy.

p.s. yellow man sucks. bloody credit eater.

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