Tuesday, July 22, 2008

people come and go,
only memories stay forever.

everyone seems to be facing friends problem
you know,
sometiems i really miss them too.
them. you know.
but well, that's life right?
i fell for it once, twice.
and im not gonna fall for it agian.
not even to shed a tear.
maybe im just not serious.
but i admit that im afraid of being commited.
im afraid of being too serious then get hurt.
maybe im just escaping.
but people, friends,
you know you guys are always in my heart,
always on my mind.
even if we dont call or text or meet up,
you people are still special to me.
always will be.
just that i dont want to admit it. wait, i just did. right? heeee


lotsa stuff changed.
i once said i was gonna be back to you guys after AGM.
but i dont think so anymore.
i left out.
i missed all the important events, outings, camp.
i missed all the very stressful and tiring duties.
so i guess,
there's no point for me to hold on when there's nothing for me to hold on to..
i seeked for your advices and opinions.
thank you all for supporting.

i passed!
hahaha yyyup. like.
hahah dont know im still really excited over it.

hope things wont turn out to be like what i imagined la.
cough cough.
and i hope,
those who're still upset over some stuff,
cheer up aight.
you know who you are laaa. heeeee (:
also, i hope i'll get over the fear soon.
lol. coughhh

hmmm good luck for tmr X)

thats all for now.
will be back.
doubt it'll be soon.

`` Nyxx.
screw jane la. lol.

* 17/7 ~ thank you baby. i love you. (:

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