Friday, August 15, 2008

ho hooo
last few posts were very emo larr.
lets cheer up a little.

before i start crapping,
thanks to all who cared (:
and you, thanks for driving all the way down to accompany me.

heeeeee so here i come!

''do you think i'll look hot with boobies?''

''eh ke xin arr, why do you keep changing bfs like changing clothes..''
''what. you dont expect her to go naked rightt??''

''bet your grandpa didnt have a mole like you''

''oh yeah my armpit smells great~ try smelling!''

''hubby's hotline''

''er fraternity is for guys, then, what's the word for gals arr?''
''umm. bitch?''

''a ble blu ble ble bl blu ble bluu ble''

''pfft you bitch face''
''oh at least i have a face''

seriously i cant do this anymore
there're still many many many of them la
oh oh now you know what kind of ppl im with everyday in class
and i tell you,
they're all damn disturbing lorr.
heh i guess thats why my life's so damn great.


wait what time is it?
cuz i neeeda watch Lee Chong Wei for ''hubby''.

and did you see my new part time boyfriend?
i know he's hot.
what? where to get one?
hahahaha sorry, p & c.

kay la
guess i gotta ciao.
boyf wants to use comp liao.
oh and did i tell you we live together??

study hard during the holidays okay.
be good.

`` Nyxx.

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