Sunday, September 28, 2008

hellooo ppeeoplee!

how was your day?


well mine was. cough. yeah great.

you know.

i need a new jogging partner.
someone who could bare my lousy stamina.
someone who actually you know, enjoy my companion.

so if you think you're patient and good.
let me know okay.

i guess i freaked out the last one.
he feels weird and unhappy talking to me 0.o


also, i had one great great friday.
its been a very long time since i went out with these ppl.
and him.
hahaha thanks for the rides?
was greatt man.
and sorry for acting macam jakun -.-


also also.

see the difference?
i finally tak boleh tahan dahh.
hair was damn messy macam lalang.

i know its erm a little too thin and SHORT.
hahaa but yeah man.
i feel great~


okay thats all for now.
i'll update again when i'm free.
gotta go to hospital now.

you ppl take care ya.
dont smoke.

miss me okay
cuz i'll miss you (:

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