Sunday, April 12, 2009

you know,
there were times when i really really want to give up on us.

just days before,
i was there, again.

so deternmined to walk away

i was just,
so mad.
so damn mad at myself.


i cant remember what's wrong,
what happened,
nor what reason that brought us to what we're facing today.

what happened?

is it because of me?

then i guess i kinda realized that.
all these times,
i've been caring about others more than i care for you.

i've always thought that i was the middle person 
and im like, yeah in the middle, 
not siding anyone and so on so on
but i guess i've been cheating myself all along.
i really did side her more.

i'm sorry.

i hope it isnt too late too apologize and make things right.
i hope,
it isnt too late to ask,

can we go back to how we used to be?

buddies for life.
i love you both.

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