Thursday, April 16, 2009

One more month till my due to 17.
looking back,
time really flies huh?

it feels just like yesterday,
people were wishing me happy sweet 16,
it feels just like yesterday,
he was right by my side to celebrate my big day.

sweet 16?

Family comes first
code : whenever, whatever.
no matter how ugly things turn,
no matter how much discontent lies beneath.
they're the people that will laugh with you, cry with you & stand by you till the very end.
they're the best one can have,
the most precious to be appreciated.

sweet 16?

No man is an island
code : angels
how much joy, how much support.
i cant say that we've been through a lot,
but this journey through with all of you sure have taught me a lot.
seeing how fast i stand up after falling,
and how strong i stand still despite facing obstacles really made me realize how lucky i am to have met all of you.

sweet 16?

To give all i have instead of taking all i can
although im greedy,
still, it feels more satisfying to give than to receive,
to care than being cared.
what matters most is the smile on your face (:

My responsibilities to myself
every step i take, 
every path i choose,
every decision i make,
every word i utter,
everything matters.
even the smallest thing could change everything.

Life isnt just about guys and flowers.
hello? its sweet 16 im talking bout yooo.
there are far more precious stuff to chase after than guys lar.
plus, choices will be instantly narrowed down.
how unworthy.

Taste of betrayal
people come and go.
trust, but never to reveal too much
things change in a blink of an eye.
nothing lasts forever.

Failing to plan is planning to fail
put studies at the top of the chart.
in this world where money our first priority,
i want to succeed,
i have to.
i'm not the kinda girl that can bare simple life,
i know best.
enough said.

sweet 16?

what more can i say?
its a bitter sweet life.

p.s. its my 120th post! (:

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