Sunday, January 3, 2010

Babes i'm back!! :D

how was turkey?

from where shall i start talking bout it eh?


the trip was actually very tiring as we travel alot,
starting from 11hours of flight
uncountable hours of travelling from town to towns
11 and a half hours of journey back to istanbul
and 10hours of flight back to malaysia

you wake up in the morning,
have breakfast,
get up the bus and start sleeping,
wake up again,
then back to the bus and more sleeep,
wake up,
dinner then back to the hotel,
and sleep.

oh and did i tell you that its winter over there?
the weather was great in istanbul, not too cold
but as we travel away from that city,
it gets colder and colder till the toes and fingers went totally numb
and my skin was dehydrated till 'snake skin' appeared >.<

a good holiday?

it actually depends on how you define a good holiday.

A. good food and good hotel
B. good sceneries and great historical places

if you're the A. kinda person,
i'm 100% positive that turkey wont be an ideal holiday destination for you
not at all,


if you'r the B. kinda person,
i strongly recommend you to visit turkey
the view and scenery of every corner, every angle, every spots are close to perfect
very very pretty
just like heaven.

you judge (:

but but,
turkey isnt that bad as how i described up there la.

overall, i give 63 marks :D

no reservation,
no priorities.

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