Monday, January 18, 2010

i'm still in college now,
in the library,
with  sze en,
free period,
cuz im not taking psychology and she's too lazy to go,
and i'm bored,
and lifeless,
and i cant post anytihng on my fb wall,
neither can i sign in msn. 
and im starting to think bout you. 
feeling damn frustrated.


and i didn't get 50% of the stuff lects said in class today.
although 80% were form 5 stuff.
i guess i really need to start burning midnight oil
kiss shopping plans goodbye,
and reject all outing offers.

may tomorrow be a better day lahh,
and may the will stays strong.
gotta be determined!! >.<

you can do it! :)

p.s. all the best to jeat yo! sorry for not being able to visit you

notice me!

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