Friday, March 19, 2010

when was the last time we laughed together?

haven't been posting something productive since.......
erh. trip back from indon??

wow. that's long. lol

have been pretty busy (as usual)
have so much to say but cant spill them here (as usual)
have been wanting to organize a gathering or something but am feeling too lazy/ tired to (as usual)
guess im still the same old jean la :)

hahahaha okay okay.
someone's cock staring me for writing such shits d.

some proper updates bout the me lately.

well, life's been pretty sad lately.
i had a major emotional breakdown days ago,
family, studies, L, know lah.
suddenly hit me hard right in the head.
hey! im 18 already! (soon to be but, still la)
its responsibilities we're talking bout yo!
which in other words, also means, more shits! 0.0
oh well, this time, really need to grow up dy.
no more running away
no more i do what i like and if you dont like then screw you.
ahhh. 18 18 18 18 18.
so near yet so far, so interesting yet so cruel.
but, at the same time,
so looking forward to it laah :)

oh well, guess i need moooore time and a self isolate period?
april holiday's coming, so, just in time la :)

this is for you.

i dont know what's happening lately,
i know i've been emo shit and keeping distance and stuff,
but honestly i did the distant thing cause i felt that from you first.
anyway, i'm a very open person (if you know me well enough)
i might feel hurt or insulted, as im very sensitive (if you know me well too),
but i'd like to listen to the truth more than being at this state.
i hope you read this, and talk. :)

have a great weekend people!
i'll be going allllll the wayyyyyy to bangi this sunday just to register for the driving exam ==
study hard and miss me okay! :):)

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