Thursday, April 15, 2010


and im not afraid to say, i bribed! :DDD
and thanks to it, my road test was friggin awesome
the pegawai was so nice till he taught me what to do!
okay sekarang perlahan sikit, signal, change gear 1, gear 2, sini belok kanan.
fun fun fun.

and i met the mr khor xian voon and mr wai yong zheng there
poor xv got a lady pegawai. 
hahahahah and his experience was damn funny X)

and since i'm a legal driver now,
anyone out there, who needs transport,
call me up!

rate is, 
RM6/km for kawan,
RM5/km for kawan baik,
RM4.50/km for darling/dear/sweethart/sayang 
** t&c applied


have a great day!!

music saves more lives than war,
so put down your gun and get on the dancefloor.

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