Sunday, November 18, 2007

Hello sunshine!

hello people!
i'll be leaving for port dickson tmr early early in the morning
gawd im so excited la
4 days of beach,
4 days without parents,
4 days of potato man n friends,
4 days of fun n craziness.
weee~ hahahaa
but aiya the bitchy monthy cycle just came. joy.

mm so. all my bags n stuffs are packed.
lets hope i didnt miss anything la.
later reached there n found out that i didnt bring bra....
oooohhh o.o

and yes! i need a new blog skin!
getting really sick of this one la.
though this one is really cute. awww.... heh
but i really dislike the navigator la.
mafan-ness. gee

okay then...
i think thats all?
i'll be back on the 22nd.
dont miss me too much when im away ya. =D
bye people!


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