Sunday, November 18, 2007

Make a wish.

i need a shooting star.
i need a wishing well.
i need a birthday wish.
i need a fairy godmother.
i need a wish come true.

i'm not okay. not at all. dont ask why. i wish i could be happier. i wish things didnt turn out to be that hard. i wish i wasnt that picky. i wish he was the one. i wish i never had this high expectation from him. i wish i know what i really want. i wish he wasnt that predictable. i wish to get more surprises. i wish he knows what i want. i wish im not the only one who's that fairytale-ish minded. i wish he could remember what i've said. i wish i could turn back clock and start this all over again. i wish what i just wished are not hard to be fulfilled.

and i wish all my wishes come true.

another sleepless night.


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