Thursday, November 15, 2007

Fear of being forgotten.

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for giving me a biggggg hand in changing the layout.
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woke up early today,
got ready everything, picked up potato man and then off to my primary!
SJK(C)C Lick Hung
hehe felt like i'm back to where i belong again.
all the memories.. aww

met with 2 of my primary classmates,
eugene and ee seng
they're soooo tall and mature liao la.
(compared to last time.... u know)
haha we walked around the school,
went to visit our old classes,
explored the new building,
ate in the canteen,
hunted for teachers,
updated each other with our lives,
talked bout the past...
hahaha luckily they came,
or not this visit will be damn meaningless la. ><
anyway, school changed alot la.
2 new buildings came up,
new faces of teachers appeared,
students these days bring handphone instead of books.
etc etc.

we're very very lucky that all the teachers that have taught us are still here la.

en. anuar - my BM teacher since std 2.
he's strict but fun.
oh and i rmb his great rotan students skills.
hahaha he use rotan hit ppl very pain one lehh ><
he was also my olahraga training teacher
we meet every morning on the padang.
thats why i miss him most la.

洪老师 - my form teacher since std 3.
she scolds all the time la.
and i still rmb she told my parents that i shd study in those chinese private school as my results were good and she has faith in me
well, used too la. hah

mdm yap - my english teacher since.... std 3. (i think?)
hahaah cant really remember since when.
but yeah. she's the nicest teacher among all.
she doesnt scold like a mad b*tch,
doesnt roan ppl as if she's working in the circus,
and the best part is that, she doesnt check homewroks!
thats why i like her :)

the other teachers we just saw and point point then ciao liao.
didnt really had time to talk la.
plus i dont think they even rmb us. >< but im glad that all the 3 teachers above still rmb me. heh! what to do?
i was so popular~ XD

the very familiar places :
the classroom i used in my last year of primary school life.
the H class - my class since std 1.
in lick hung, we dont change classes every year according to you results,
they say its because of the terlalu big amount of students.
so, we stick tgt like a big family for 6 years.
once landed in H class, you'll be stuck there forever lah.

the 6H class of year 2007
same as how we were la.
restless, hyper, noisy, naughty, lazy,
but fun. :)

the canteen, the badminton court, the tapak perhimpunan.
the badminton court used to be the only court in LH.
pathetic huh?

the basketball court.
this spot was one of my my duty point.
(did i tell you that i was a prefect, then head?)
ahhahaha yeah, i was.

the little kiddos. heheh
this is just part of the afternoon session.
school offers std 1 - 6 (duh!),
imagine a standard with 13 or 14 clases,
49 students average in a class.
haha big amount of students eh?
yup this is SJK(C) Lick Hung
and im very proud to be a graduate from this school.

me, eugene
last time when we graduate i was still taller than him
but now.... T.T

ee seng , me
the very very quiet guy in class.
well he finally came out of the shell. :)

and also,
the very unfamiliar building:

the stupid sports centre which was built after i graduate.
man, i can still smell the $ i donated on that building
haahahah students now days are lucky, damn lucky laa

wtf? is this a lift????

the very very biiiiiggg hall.
damn it. i feel so, very, greatly, extremely jealous

thats all the pics i took in primary school la.
wasnt really free ><

after the visit me n potato man headed to sunway pyramid
met up with jared, anselm, teong, ry and cher ming there.
we watched 30 days of night.

er movie was.... not not that greaT?
well i expected it to be scarier, more shocking and more interesting.
but not bad la.
i like the ending though :)

oh! and i saw jeffrey piong in pyramid.
he dyed his hair red.
aww. and he's still that good looking as always. =D

sunway pyramid 2

clockwise from left :
jared, anselm, cher ming, yee hsiong

reached home quite late.
dad and mom came back from china.
they bought me a crystal necklace <3
heh thanks! i love you.


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