Monday, December 17, 2007

All i want is just a hint of hope.

firstly, gotta apologize to nen lin and yue vern again. heh
sorry banyak banyak ya.
hope you gals enjoyed.

then, about my penang trip.
the very last minute plan trip.
it all started when i received that phone call.
life's never easy and enough.
potato said its unfair that human faces death.
but people wont appreciate life if there's no death. right?
this is life.
we still gotta live with it no matter how bad it turns.
and now, its very bad that we don't even know what to do next.

heartbreaking shit.

i miss you.

i miss those days when you could still bring me in your motor to the coffee shop,
i miss those days when we could still compete eating nasi lemak,
i miss those days when all of us could still hear your laughter and stories.

i dont feel like writing anymore la.
sorry. and no, my grandpa is still alive la, he's just sick.
very sick.

and i finally understand how it feels.
its lonely, even when your dearest is there for you,
telling you everything will be fine and to support you.
but when it comes to this kinda stuff,
its only you and your shadow.

still, thanks dear.
appreciate it alot. =)

or maybe im just thinking too much.
but it's coming very fast,
and its gonna end soon.

live with no regrets.
tell the person how much you love them before every thing's too late.

i love you.

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