Monday, December 17, 2007

Beyond the memories.

i miss 3B3 so much.
how's life peeps?

you're supposed to have total recall of who won the Battle of Hastings
and what motivated Hamlet.
and you probably should be able to label all five Great Lakes.
perhaps you can,
perhaps its easier to remember that first kiss.
or the time you and your friends couldn’t stop laughing in math class.
or your locker combination
or cafeteria mystery meat
or the scent in the air when you-know-who glided past your desk.
maybe its easier to remember the thrill of passing the final
or the fun of the last homecoming game
or hugging your best friends in the world goodbye and knowing you'd be in touch forever.
but still, wondering just a little, will we always remember?

what a year.
and its coming to an end.
will we still always remember?

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