Sunday, December 9, 2007

Dancing in the moonlight

hahaha tak tau why tonight so semangat la
actually thought of updating after the Singapore trip,
hmm dont know la.
im just so in the mood right now.

so, where should i start?

19th - 22nd of nov,
went port dickson with potato man and anselm and louise and cher ming and jared.
okay for further info, read it from louise's blog. HAHAHAHAH
im not lazyyy laaaa, just dont want to post the same thing only.

23rd - 25th of nov,
went to the horse show, KL grand prix 07, for 3 days straight with potato man.
credits goes to yun yee for the ticket, VIP ticket som more.
hheeheh show was greattttt.
i'm starting to love horses,
horse riders, chris meyer especially. lol.
anyway, 3 days straight of good food (golden palace hotel buffet leii) really spoilt my stomach laa
now i dont feel like eating my maid's cooking liao la

27th of nov,
sick sick sick. sick jor laaa
fever cough flu apa pun ada la.
dying dying.


28th of nov,
went to the club with potato man.
going club now days are just to see each other la
we did nothing but just hanging around, spend time tgt, lepak, stone, eat.
pfft. im so spoilt la.
oh but wait. we did something today right?
someone cough lost cough his cough house keys o cough!
we went all the way back to find for it
too bad i was sick, sooo sick. or not we'll seriously have more fun la

1st and 2nd of dec,
aunt from teluk intan come, with her family n bla bla blaa
all the noises and books arrived
she laa. that lady has the loudest voice on earth man.
and books. damn! books.

3rd of dec,
so-called 3B3 outing laa.
dont know what happened to all,
only 7 turned up. wtf kan?
and i wonder what happened to the B3 semangat ehh?
me, potato man, suet ping, loong, cheng yeh, louise, anselm.
outing was just so so only la, honestly.
potato totally chicked out laa
we went pyramid after that, for lunch.
and i reached home late, got screwed then. lol.

6th and 7th of dec,
went back to CHS.
wow. since dont know how long ago, and im finally back to my beloved school!
man, i love this place alot la seriously.
okay just fyi, i went back for the year end labelling duty.
hahaha very dedicated, kan?
LM is so lucky to have members like me mann
so yeah to be honest, this year is the worst year laa
no ppl come for duty one. cehh.
first day was like idk, 30, 40 +, i guess? (badd enough laa)
then 2nd day was only 18. (wtf right? even worst!!)
but although the work to do will be damn alot when nobody comes,
but hey! its not too bad laa.
at least we get to eat good quality tasty delicious yummmmy food like pizza!
heheheh some more got left over oo.
or not you'll be rebut-ing for food and end up starving. pfft.
or just lousy zap fan with yucky vege and over night as-hard-as-rock rice. pffffftt.

8th of dec,
sam's party!!
she has it every year (well, last year she had it too, so i just assume it to be every year la)
and thank god this year more CHSians turned up.
heh or not like last year then cham lo.
right amanda? hahaha
the games part was lonnnnggggg. it ate up hourssss.
but overall. the party was okay la. not bad. great!
hahaha but too bad la i had to go back early.
but never mind la. at least me had fun.
and me too needa go home earlier to pack for tommorrow.
heheheee i'll be leaving for singapore tmr ppl!
wow wow! excited sial.
its beeen years since i last stepped into that frigging small country la.
since 7, right? if im not mistaken.
hope i wont be too lazy to update again when i'm back from sing.
and i hope my cough n flu recovers la.
its been weeeks liao lo. haih.

thats all for now.
everyone take care ya.

p.s. jia hui will be back to malaysia in few days time! weeeee!

Quote of the day : we'll take it one step at a time okay? (:

Baby, i love you.

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