Wednesday, December 12, 2007

The miles have torn us worlds apart.

just came back from singapore.
rained on sunday monday tuesday
means everyday laa
frustrating, but what to do?


Day 1 :

left home at about 9 and reached hotel at 1 something.
had lunch and then checked in.
as usual, we stayed in the parkroyal hotel
the hotel that my dad has been staying in for the past 15 years whenever he goes singapore.

in the evening we took a taxi to the orchid road,
every where is beautifully decorated
maybe their aim is just to win the decoration competition
but at least malls and streets are filled with christmas mood.

we just walk see walk see only la.
parents refused to gimme cash to shop.
they said i bought a lot in malaysia already.

and stuff in singapore is kinda expensive (if you convert)
but for now days, its kinda cheap
they're having sales maaa

the hanging princess.

ehh mana santa??

then we headed to bugis road by mrt.
yorr their country small small ar,
but stuff all lebih canggih than ours la.

apa ni malaysia?
teruk betul.
*shakes head*

had dinner in one of the mall in bugis road


Day 2 :

went to the suntec city to look look see see.

but finally, i managed to convince my mom and then she bought me 2 items.
a denim skirt. (my FIRST denim skirt) and a denim vest (!!)
its cheap la.
i said don't convert laaa

my dad's staff's gf, ms doris.
she's damn kind laaa
first time met each other and she gave me a silver bracelet

nice ehh?
silver 925, from Tiffany & Co.

but hor,
this poor thing fell when i was finding the present for my dear.
boy was i panic shit when i found out that it was lost.
then i quickly ran back and wow luckily its still there.

then, we went to the Downtown East,
to visit my dad's company booth.
the decoration pun banyak cantek laa.

familiar looking thing?
its from the story : Jack and the Beanstalk

candyhouse from the story : hansel and gratel

love of every child

hugeeeee candy stick
not edible laa duh!

then then went to some shopping mall.
jurong mall, if im not mistaken.

bad bad memory. tsk tsk.
to visit another company booth.

we had lunch dinner there at abt 5 something.
then then then headed to my dad's staff's BBQ party.
for round 2. lol.
the BBQ place was by the sea.
nice nice, but this time no no sand in the food. haha
and it reminded me of the PD trip a lot a lot la


Day 3 :

woke up at 12 and then had buffet lunch in the hotel.
dad told me the buffet of this hotel is famous.
and yes. it was totally pack.
luckily dad reserved a table earlier. =)
we met one of our family friend there,
and that dude cleared our bill!
guess its expensive ba.
its about SGD 70+ per person.
after lunch, checked out, then bye bye singapore!

on the way back.

although singapore is a very nice and clean country,
but heyyy!
life there isnt easy tau?
everything is money.
thats where the kia-su thinking,
and all the sarcastic short forms came from.


one of their politic party,
People Action Party, PAP

where you pay your utilities bill,
Public Utilities Board, PUB

one of the highway, which the price of toll increased lately,
Electronic Road Pricing, ERP

a hot topic these days because of the raise to 7%,
Goods and Services Tax, GST

hhaaha not bad arr.
people now days are clever.
just like me

and MCR is performing in singapore tonight.

its like they perform in KL on sunday,
i leave KL on sunday.

they perform in singapore on tuesday,
i leave singapore on tuesday.

bloody hell

but nvm la. me not a bigg fan of MCR.

anyway. me enjoyed the trip a lot a lot.
after soooo many yrs, singapore changed laa.
and i bet few more yrs you go back to that country,
everything feels diff again.

and i see new stuff coming up liao.
people, look forward to the eyes (ferris wheel) and casino ba.

Summer turned to winter
and the snow it turned to rain..

And the rain turned into

tears upon your face

Sometimes life gets tough,

but dont worry.
cuz you know i will always be with you,
forever and ever,
till we reach our happily ever after.


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