Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Love is stronger than pride.

some pics for the last post.
gonna write bout my singapore trip later.


The ''Pulau'' Port Dickson trip :

(jared's teory)

me and potato man

anselm the chick and louise aka lulu
L : ''hmmmm?''

cher ming and jared by his side (sounds so gay ehh),
but sorrry jared!
the chair too big laaa, blocked you
gotta eat more and grow bigggerr man!

yeah yeah. its specially for you my dear.
yue VERN's.
random shit.

The KL grand prix 07 pics :

the big sister who helped us in, yun yee.
(the paling left one laa)
she was one of the judge.

tempat makan of the VVIP
where Agong sits, and those rich ppl who dont know where to spend their cash.
yeah, you know.

the VIP lounge

wrist band for day 1

wrist band for day 2

wrist band for day 3

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