Sunday, January 6, 2008

Brand new start.

new year, hew hope.
bla bla what shit what shit.
not gonna write those

since i didnt do well in 2007.
im gonna study even harder than anyone.
i've restricted myself.
no comp no tv no outing no dates on monday to saturday.
oh date, date the book la.
then sunday. im free to do anytihng i want.
but still, outings are no no.
so ppl,
please be kind and not to call me out.

im in 4sf, if anyone is ctually wondering.
its not too bad.
meng kit the KT is sitting behind me.
noisy as usual with that bunch of dudes.
but actually i should be thankful for it la.
my class is too blardy quiet.
and i miss b3 so much.

no no.
we should move foward righT?
b3 was the previous chapter of my life.
but you guys will still remain in my heart forever.
i love you.

sigh im feeling so unhappy la.
sorry baby for letting you wait so long.
i love you.
i love you all along.
but baby, you seem so far away.


im sorry.

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