Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Ring in the new year, ring in the new hopes.

hello ppl.
sorry for not updating.
well was kinda busy(penang KL penang KL. ahhh you know.) and lazy and unhappy.

so shooo.
its a new year again.
though its the fact that everyone's a year older,
however it's also an opportunity for all to start fresh. (:

a good ending brings about a good beginning.
im glad i did.

last night was such a blast.
i spent my last night of 2007 with hsiong voon and cher.
dinner movie rain spray countdown chill gossip.
every shop and cafe and restaurants and corners along bintang walk was so frigging crowded
break dance, spray, cheer, smoke, drink, indian dance. lol.
people were crazy as if there's no tomorrow
man you guys should witness it larr.
after the clock strikes 12
we walked around and then went to hsiong's hotel room in KL plaza
chill chill.

cher left first.
then about 2, me n voon went back by lrt (new year maa. they extended the working hour).
we were so worried if we couldnt manage to catch the train but hmm seems like the train likes us. =)
okay okay the train likes voon.
pfft fine.
we reached bukit jalil station about 3. haha wow?
and vooon's brother was shooo kind to send me back home. =D
thanks man!
i reached home about 3.30 am
heh first time i balik rumah this late larr.
luckily my parents weren't in town.


just few of them only larh
but at least,


< take one

voon, hsiong, cher.

take two >

me, hisong


and i suppose this is my best new year celebration ever.
call me a cave woman.
but for the past 14 years,
i spent my new year countdowns in front of the tv.
maybe with some fireworks,
but non of them could beat the fireworks i saw last night.
maybe because of you, they seemed so beautiful and memorable.

before i end my first post of the year,
i would like to thank my bf, all my friends and classmates and relative and passer-by and teachers who made my life that wonderful,
of cuz there're times when i really felt like year 2007 was the worst year i ever had.
but despite everything that've happened,
you guys still stood by me as how you did.
thanks alot.
and to those whom i hurt or showed disagreement/discontent to,
i'm sorry. hope you all could forgive me.
and to daddy and mummy,
im sorry i disappointed and brought shame to you.
i promise i'm gonna do better in form 4. i promise.

new year resolution - to be a better person.

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