Sunday, April 27, 2008

And I believe in you,

even if no one understands.

heh wanted to blog yesterday night.
but well. got REALLY tired and went to bed early.

* friday.
hmm hmmmm
oh yeah.
went ioi mall to buy bomba shirt then rushed back to school.
and i thought i was late too
they said cant put up the decorations yet cuz we only got permission to use the hall on saturday.

still, i managed to find stuff to keep myself busy.
heeee me went for ungu decorations meeting.
and eiyer now baru i know how much i suck la.
i dont even know what's the color of the chair of the VIP seat.

and horr eiyyerr poor dear reached home at 8 sometihng e.
ish. luckily i bought him rice earlier.


then. saturday.

the BIG DAY!
seriously big la.

there was our ICCHS's IU day.
well, everytihng went on well,
but i was kinda disappointed in the attendance la.
still, banyak thanks to the ppl who helped me out with the decorations.
i know i under estimated the bahan bahan.
sorry for all the inconvenience and last minute changes.
and i'm sorry too, if i offended you cuz i know i was really cemas and panas baran that time.

and there was the marching competition.
heh dear, dont blame yourself la.
you tried your best righT?

and of cuz,
LM inter-bahagian games!
heeeee. i was supposed to go after IU thingy,
but mmmmmm. *roll eyes*

then me went mid valley, in interact uniform =.=''
with dear, wen xing, yee jeat, bi wei, sarah, yin bing and yee min
we watched 'run papa run'
mm me think movie was so-so only la.
but cant admit that its touching la.
and arr.
oiyoo i tell you,
me n dear damn innocent one lor..
we didnt buat banyak bising pun...
ooohh and happy belated birthday yee min.
heh. =D

and horr.
that heels i wore to IU thingy.
makan my feet la.
see now i have bruises and wounds all over.

hint hint. time to get a new pair. XD

heehh also,
sorry ppl.
no pics for the IU day.
didnt bring camera. T.T
and i know i still owe u guys pics for the gathering.
heeeeeee. tak pernah forget laa.
will upload them one by one tonight. XD

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