Friday, April 25, 2008

Yesterday's gone,

I won't look back

yeshh. yesterday was such an emotional day.
didnt expect things to turn out that way.
and i didnt expect myself to respond that way, too.

sometimes i just dont get it.
why care so much?
i mean, its not like im still 6,

and no, im fine. okay. im fine.
stop talking to me as if im still there.
im not.
im over it.
although i still feel wee sadness, sometimes.


okay okay,
sometimes, i do feel it.
i mean, yeah i might've be with somebody else already
but still, ppl dont get over something that've lasted for 9monhts that easily right?
okay. maybe some ppl do, but not me.
not meeeee.

but thanks for your appearance,
at least,
you're the reason that keeps me smiling and feeling happy everyday,
and not to think bout it,
and to believe that everything's gonna be fine.


yup, everything's gonna be alright.

thank you for everything, really.
you're amazing.

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