Tuesday, April 1, 2008

and we came back to the same question.
she asked why did i choose to be in science class.
i cant even cope up
and i dont even like science.
i dont even like science

i thought bout it, and i thought of him.
honestly, he's the main reason why i wanted to get into science class
although i never want to admit it
i didnt want us to drift apart cause of different streams.

maybe im gonna screw up and realize how foolish i am to do so.
but maybe, things will turn out to be better?
i dont know.
no on knows what's gonna happen in future.

but i sure that whether my choice is the arts or science,
to get good results,
its all about hardwork and consistency.
and i do admit that, i didnt even put an effort of making a better ending.

blame it on me.
i didnt keep my promise and i let everyone down.
i know its my fault and i tak tau laa
i just.
have the heart to study but just no actions taken.
it makes no difference la.
im just pure lazy.

someone wake me up la.
i've been to lazy that i've gotten used to it.


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