Tuesday, April 1, 2008

halllooo ppl!
miss lee is feeling happy happy today!
the day started with a not-so-good mood
but i managed to cheer up after the one period nap in class. *cough
heeeeeeee =D

then, was the english oral test!
it wasnt great,
but it made me feel somehow relieved.
and that soh lou anselm arr
apa la. mana ada ppl ask ''how's life'' punya.
ish. -.-

after that was tuition lorr.
heh thank you zheng kang for sending me there
and accompanying me for lunch
aiyyoo. feel really pai seh leii
everytime also ma fan you to send me to KL =/

and the IU deco proposal!
proposal proposal proposal
im already done with the details la
but i just dont know where to place the addresses!
victor said he wants the addresses stated.
but where?

and. LM invitation cards!
omg omg omg
i couldnt find the A4 size corrugated paper
so i bought the frigging big piece one instead.
and now i needa cut them into A4 size one by one.
cari pasal aje laa. stupid gal.
but its more economical to buy the big piece paper actually.

heh ppl!
miss lee needs help.
i dah completed my proposal and invitation cards,
out of printer ink. ):
anyone out there who's nice enough to help,
pretty pretty pleaseee
tolong i print print some stuff? (:

message me in msn la.
thank you banyak banyak!

kexin ♥

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