Monday, April 28, 2008

ho ho ho
everyone seems to be emo and moodless today.

me skipped michael's period again,
went to william's class instead X)

nothing much happened today.

there is one.
you know ar.
that zk ar.
damn ah pek lorr.
he arr. he stalked, stalk. STALKED ME!
early in the morning form my house to school
eeeeeee. damn scary right. 0.0
watch out for him.
you might be the next victim (>.<)


and yesh.
its been a very long time since me, yue vern and yen yeen go back home at the same time


and i tell you.
life without a phone is seriously san fu lorr.

i miss you banyak badly larr..
sigh sigh.

aaaaa yes.
sam, u want to see me kan.
nahhh. the paling most recent pic of me.
which was taken... 2 months ago? o.0
oh my. i suck.
hahaha enjoy admiring it! XD


time to date my sejarah dearie.
tata! (:

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