Sunday, April 27, 2008

just now somebody asked me what do i want for my birthday.
i thought for a while.
what do i want?
well. there's alot to list though.
cash, teddies, outfits, phone, shoes.. hahaha
i never really dreamt about anything fancy or pretty.
maybe a wish or a hug is enough, really.
tell me la,
what could be happier than receiving blessings and being remembered?

yeshh. i hate being forgotten.

and i present you, the pics of gathering!
as i promised.. heeeeeee


The people behind this project :
(part of them)

kgai ter

huei mien

zhen xuan


xian voon

pin lit

hou yan & yeong yih
yeong yih
yu xun
pui yuee



The play :

stepmother - yeong yih

princess - yu xun

stepsisters - tien rong & pin lit


opening ceremony
pn tee p.m. and pn lim y.k.
committees - jolene, tsae shiang, jia yi, jia chie

committees - jolene, tsae shiang, jia yi, jia chie, shuxuan
the white-ies
the black-ies
the crowd

come taste my foot~


1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8

the emo ppl.
aiyoo early in the morning emo apa laa. heh

smaile to the photographer! (:

hahahaa i know what you're thinking.

preparation for the maze

the maze which took us the whole morning to arrange
but unfortunately,
we had to keep the tables and chairs before it was even opened to public

ex-committee - Yi Shin and Yi Wan

ex-committee - Shu Wen



and i miss you very badly.
its been a very long day.
minutes felt like hours
and hours felt like days.

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