Thursday, May 8, 2008

imma start my post with bad news first.

my dad kept the bloody comp wire.
now i cant even on the comp
and im currenly using my bro's laptop.
its really weird. they keypad's really high and compact.
aaaaa whatever.
hmmm so, this means, less updates!

and he's not giving me ANY allowance.
and my savings are going loooowwww.
i need a job.

and and anddddd i fell today.
well more like i slipped larr.
whatever it is.
i hurt my back.
now i do look like a grandmother -.-


enough of the bad stuff.

so. today is the 8th.
which meansssss. its OUR day. (:
happy 1 month dear.
although our relationship is.. er. unofficial. pfft.
but still, thanks for all your efforts and patience and loveee (:
i'll be fine larr. dont worry too much bout my stuff kayy.
heee. 521.

and its been a month since the break up.
hope you're doing good.
hmmm but i doubt you still come here.
whatever larr.
all the best to youu (:

heeeeeeee and ya know what?
chan yoke beeeee's finally gone!
happy happy. hahaha
but honestly larr,
part of me is.. sad. and worried.
cuz cuz the new teacher is like....
hmm no comment.
go check out yourself la.
wait. i do have one word to describe her.

wish me all the best la.
hope i dont fail any sub this time.
and hope...
everything goes on well
and hope the black society ppl get to finish their work in time
i know you know that i miss you all alot larr. sigh.
and hope i get more ang paus and cash on the 16th of may.

kk gotta ciao ald.
ppl, take care!

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