Saturday, June 28, 2008

finally! im back to using my on comp.
feels damn great, seriously.
yeah though its laggy and d connection sucks.

its been a very extreme month.
exam, L.T. interview & agreements, operation@SJMC, b'day celebration, I.C. proposal, interview & AGM, SGM performance, putrajaya, high5, parliament...
and of cuz, endless dating session & quarrels.

all the ups and downs,
all the hard work and disappointments,
all the sweat and blood.
i gained and i lost.
i grew and i realized.

thank you to all who made it all so interesting and meaningful.
memories stay forever.
i love you ppl.
especially you.
thanks for your never ending support and love,
always standing by me and giving me advice,
also, your patience and tolerance.
i love you baby.

life keeps going on and time waits for no one.
may all good things last.

all the best.
till then, take care.


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