Tuesday, June 10, 2008

i know you miss me
i know.
so dont you try to deny.

me in cc again.
not getting my cable back till exam's over.
i guess.

i know i was supposed to be be class now
and i know meng choo n ru yan saw me in kl.
but aiya you know la.
its been one very stressful day..
miss lee needs to release stress and have some fun ma~
but come to think bout it la.
kasturi really earn my money lo.
i pay one month fee but go for one two classes only.
no wonder that fat dude so rich larrr.
no no.
no wonder he so fat la~

and aiyo.
ppl ar, i know la petrol naik.
but dont la apa pun use that as an alasan~
do you hear me, vinc yuee?
hahaha yes arr. you!
dont need pai seh dont need escape.
everything's ready for you ald laa.
we're just waiting for the 18th to come

and baby,
happy 2months.
i know its a little late.
but aiyo ppl now baru dapat online ma
mmm just, thanks for everything
you've been great. really really great.
heee i love you. muakz!!

mm thats all la i guess.
good luck to all for tmr's pjk!
tell you laa
no need to read one..
pjk only ma~
easier than drinking water laaa~~

dont forget to miss me ya.
oh yeah mark that in your planner.
go go go! haha.


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