Wednesday, September 17, 2008

. .
Its been great knowing you
all the way down till where i am now
thank you very much for being with me

goodbye doesnt mean that love or care has ceased

you're still the man i love madly, deep down

i know its for the best
although i used to escape & hide from anything that relates to us

used to get so sick of love songs and sweet couples

i hated ppl to mention things bout you to me
i forced smiles and acted as if im okay.

but i guess those days are gone
despite living in those depressing moments
i learnt and realized a lot

there's no need to make life so hard and complicated

yup, just open your heart and let it go

be positive and think positively

i'm a happier person now. =)

darling, amanda, briana, vinc-yuee
thank you for standing by me when tears was the only way to express myself
thank you for talking me through things and deal with my roller coaster emotions
love love love love! (eww. hahaha)

also, to all my die hard friends,
you ppl are the best! kam sia luang! X)

and ZK yo!
sorry ayyy for acting freaking weird for the past few weeks
i wasnt really ready to face you yet i guess
whatever it is,

no more hide and seek games from now on.


so lunch on tmr? (:



i have something banyak surprising to announce.

the tanglong competition,


won what tak tau la
but no thats not the point.
thanks briana.
nice working with you (:


and so, its the 17th already.
are you ready?



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