Friday, September 19, 2008

guess what.
only 20 turned up today.
it felt like some saturday replacement class la T.T

4s6 is pathetic mannn.

its pek poh's last day in chs
part of me is goddamn happy that she's gone.
but mmm a small tiny part of me feels.. sad.
she's one good good teacher la actually, just that,
i hate that she jumps into conclusion and make stupid assumptions on me larhh.

and briana finally came to school today.
after godknows how many days. finally ehh
oh ya and we got the hamper!
hahaha stupid la. damn cheap skate punya. -.-

class was not too bad today.
made this card with briana for LPP.
goodbyee ladayyy.
have fun in jabatan (:

oh crap oh crap.

i cant wait to tell anselm bout it~! XD

and erm. eeee talked a little bout year end plans.
genting. anyone? (:
hope that plan will work laaa. heeeeeee :D


that day, while on the way back from tuition (in subang)
me and my mom talked a little and she was telling me bout how lucky i am

so, this was something i find really really really weird/hilarious/shocking/touching

mom : you know, you're actually very lucky to have such a responsible and loving dad. he buys everything you want for you, even tuition classes also come all the way back to subang. and me, i know although i nag a lot but tell me, how many mom is willing to send/pick her child to tuition classes so far away from home?
me : *looks at her and smile* heeee thank you mumy.
mom : heh also your 2 brothers lei? they care for you alot too you know.. i know lately they've been busy but they still ask me bout your studies and so on. and nehh your zheng kang leii. you're so blissful to have a guy who loves you so much.
me : !!!!!!!!!!! ....... =.=''

wtf rightt??

no not because of that guy but yes its that part.
hahaha wtf me talking.
just, you know.
cant believe my mom said that. -.-

but im glad my mom's not as naggy and strict anymore.
in fact when i tell her stuff, she's willing to listen before lecturing!

heh yup and she's right.
im damn lucky.


have a great weekend ppl!
dont choke and die.

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