Friday, November 14, 2008

there you go hungry ppl.
sorry for the delay.
i finally got out of bed.

enjoy (:

ohh ohh
the pregnant man who insisted on coming to camp.

love this pic.
it was almost perfect larr.
still short of many many people.

slimy and sticky.
you know best, right? X)


the TV addicts.
sampai camp pun still mau tengok
tsk tsk

our luggages

the reason why we're called GIRLS.

the dai lou ^^V

teh bintang

heeeee damn cute righttt? XD

@ curry house (:
attn : see that lin foong and xingkun. lan yengggggggg

the check-in game (:

peserta peserta kem tahunan QM 2008

ahahaha the stupid play.
damn cute.
will upload the video next time.
stay tuned!

our lunch. by chef mun keat (:

ahaahahah dont know from where they got it
nahh lai rong yau,
syok la youuu

the passer by.
half time entertainment eh? XD

they er.. had problems with setting up the fire o.o

macam yesss aje

All Boys.
cough. more like all dai bSss.
seee that one on the paling right.
lang yenggggggggg.


vibrate win who's the owner of locker no.6

i know you're staring at their tits.
dont deny *evil grins*

hahahah makin tengok makin geli hati

dont cha wish your boyfriend is hot like me~

'nuff said.
ss queen

the superwoman
our ketua makanan

hahahaa trust me you dont want to know which foot's gal's and which's guy's.

the cute sister and the sweet brother (:


im sorry i screwed up the mystery game.

camp was great.

and you were great too. (:

i still cant get used to not having you around,
and not seeing you when i wake up in the morning.

i miss you.


the ICCHS fellowship

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