Sunday, December 7, 2008



its sunday again.
rmb what were we doing a week ago, at this hour of time?

seems like everybody's started blogging
and everybody's blogging bout the langkawi trip.

i know im a little late to start.
but yeah just a brief one here.

trip was great.
and thank you for making me feel like home with all of you (:
love you peeps.

JI muis,
i know things like this always happen when we face each other more than 24 hours.
rmb the camp? hahah yeah.
but hey, everyone has its shortcomings.
although we need longer time for adjustments,
still, i believe we arent that weak right?


friend, mom, me

phone rings.
hello can i speak to nyxx please?
what? nyxx? i think you've got the wrong number.
* thinks in the heart* nyxx? wrong number? wait. me! me me me my phone call!!!

after that me and my mom had this loooooooong conversation
she didnt like nyxx,
and i didnt like jane.


not bad lar. i've always liked this name,
just, idk why but i never thought of using it.
whatever its is, im switching again.
sorry bree.

before i forget.


christmas wishlist :

school bag
(its TIFFANY and SWAROVSKI im talking bout yoo)
(google it if you dont know what're those)
teddy bears

or anything that will make me love you even more. (:

alright. i shall stop here.
kinda running out of stuff to crap ald.
i might update again, probably next week.
or maybe tmr?
depends lar. (:

till then,
take care.

why does every song reminds me of you?


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