Friday, April 3, 2009

i have so much to say.
from where shall i begin?

i guess i never made my position clear.
you're all equally important to me.
everyone of you.

she had a problem, she was sad, therefore i tried to listen to her.
but instantly, on the other side, everything changed.
one phone call, 
changed my position, our relationship.
maybe even from the begining,
my position was ment to be labelled 'awkward'
starting from camp, we didnt get along well.
trip. we had conflicts.
amazing race, we drifted apart.
and now. we cant even talk like how we used to anymore.
it eats my flesh to even think about it.
after all that we've been through.
i thought we were meant to be. i thoguht we were strong.
though there were times when we fight but still get back together at the end of the day.
but for this time, why cant we?
i guess things are all different already,
or should i say,
we're just too tired to fix things already?


i passed! (:

heeeeeeee thank you all for helping me out.
i hope our relationship recovers and we all go back to how we used to be larr seriously.
well actually to be honest,
im quite happy right now.
besides 'us', everything's going on fine.
there's changes, but im trying to fit in. 


we still have a few more months ahead us only larr.
just kiss and make out, dont po po ma ma.


haha i still love you all. (:
very very much!
heee muakz!



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