Saturday, April 4, 2009

okay i know.
its my second post for tonight already.

but who cares?
right? (:


its been 4 years.
i'll be visiting you for the 6th time since that day.
i've been so afraid to face it.
like, to mention it. or to even think about it.
i may have moved on.
but babe.
when will things be really, really fine for me?
why you?

things would all be so, so, so, so different if it didnt happen.

i missed you.
i've been missing you all these time.
i've been missing you too much.
i feel so caught up.

sigh. its been so long.

how're you doing?

remember the last time i told you how happy i was that i've found a guy?
we actually got back together.
and then we broke up.
man. it feels as if it've happened a million years ago.

things are different already.

i dont love you, 
like i did

im sorry if i've made choices and decisions that are too far from your expectations.
i'm moving on.
i know i've said this for like, kazillion times
but babe.
im serious.
i'm moving on.

the next time i visit you again,
i'm jeanee.
my favourite flower wont be daisy,
and i wont be wearing white anymore.

things are different already.
please help me move on.

do protect me,
help me out.

thanks babe.

i'll see you tomorrow.
together with your family.
and some baby daisies?

a picture burned is a memory kept.

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