Sunday, May 17, 2009


I do not need many many friends
just that few who appreciates me are enough.

thanks for making my last day of 16 sweet,
my first day of 17 awesome (:

especially to......

wenxing for the bag. LOL.
you're my super star star la (:

jeat and yi wei for the dream come true. 
hahaha thanks wei seriously.
didnt expect it to really really happen.
though it wasnt live, still.
i'm happy enough 
(more than enough actually) (:
linfoong, xingkun, zhensheng, zhengkang and yixian for the lunch session (:

kok kin, who at least showed up for the cake session (:

also, everyone who wished me (:

love you all till death mann.

bread story

* hugs

looook atttt heeerrr.
act cute. X)

i look damn huge la  -.-''


lllooooook attttt heeeeerrr again.
still want to tip toe ei. 

@ the pintu pelepasan MID VALLEY.
take care yaa. XD


and of cuz,
not forgetting my family.
and aunts. lol.

bread story again.
hahah what a coincidence


you're my angel,
 the star up in my sky

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