Monday, January 4, 2010


like how you always do.

This malay looking cina girl is the star,
my star;

teh wen xing

remember the text you sent me after the trip?
i saved it lo.
cuz if one day i find you not disturbing me anymore
i'll flash the text to the whole world and make you kacau me again

hahahaha :D

i have alot to tell you la.

i've had times when i was so afraid that such thing will just disappear overnight
but somehow we survived and are still standing strong

i want to thank you la star.
for all the ups and downs, standing by me and 38 moments.

i wish you all the best and may you be blissful everyday (:

no, this doesnt mark the end of our friendship,
keep ringing and texting and calling and knocking and kicking la

bintang lee.

p.s. sounds a bit bit gay la -.- lol.

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