Tuesday, January 5, 2010


i finally went to register for undang talk today!

damn happy and excited!!

so the talk will be on wednesday
and undang test on saturday


not at all la cuz i need driving license desperately



and party at my place this saturday!
cant wait for that day cuz i miss you guys so friggin much

and i totally had fun today!
altho was quite tired due to the travellings -.-

also also,
i finally saw yi wei play piano!

the part where i said you needed plastic surgery and stuff were total bullcrap la
seriously you looked damn chunted playing the piano lo
(but still not as good as marc. haha!)
and boy were you good in playing it! :D
so please please dont slack off in it okayyy.

oh and just in case if you were still wondering,
i've registered for a levels course in taylor's college
subang campus
and class starts next tuesday!!!

having my fingers crossed,
hoping things will turn out to be fine
and get an average class
with chio lively classmates! :D
yup. shall not be greedy right?

so thats all for today's little update.

may you have a greater day ahead!


p.s. done done done uploading the pangkor pics! yay yay!!

dive in and never look back

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