Wednesday, January 13, 2010

finally started college life.

before that i was still planning to rest for few months and attend NS then join july intake.
guess listening to daddy mommy's advice is a right choice
i don't regret starting college now at all.
not at all.

but one thing still bothers me alot
- transport problem
just in case if u didnt know,
for the time being,
i'm following the neighbour's car in the morning.
they'll drop off the kids at CHS first then only send me n yy to college.
my god.
gotta wake up extra early and 'tok' in the car.

so, back to my main topic - college :)
is great!!
heee now im feeling better
(compared to yesterday)
no, much much MUCH better :D
you know, yesterday was total crap.
we had to like, listen to all the introduction stuff, pass year results yada yada
the ice breaking was totally awkward and lame too (no offence)
only fun part was to walk around taylor's as an official student there with an id

class today was okay. 
mien n san n zack dropped by to visit :)
tho we had only half an hour, still,
feels great seeing you guys. seriously. 

and the ex students were at the gate today to sell textbooks, 
were shouting like mad cows
totally showed how civilized they are ==
but everything was great lah.
met marcus and alfred.
the 2 who're leaving for aussie soon

class will be getting more n more hectic and tough
luckily my classmates are.. quite fun :) heeeee
always hoping for a better tomorrow la.
cuz i heard that a levels is seriously torturing T.T
guess you can actually see it form my timetable :-

monday n tuesday - 8 till 4
wednesday n thusday - 8 till 3
friday - 8 till 1

my god
even longer than high school right?
oh and i kinda miss uniforms now T.T
having quite a hard time picking what clothes to wear and what shoes to math n stuff.
but but.
i guess i'll still enjoy and have loadsa fun in college.
heeee im sure i will :)

k la. guess thats all for now.
have been accumulating a lot of fats under my skin
need to jog. need to lose weight!

take care yo people!
i'll be back soon.

stay tuned! 
stay positive! :)

new life without you.

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