Tuesday, January 26, 2010

i was supposed to be in LAN class loh.
but the stupid lecturer didnt come.

but good thing pun lah.
at least i have some free time to online, update a little :)

so how've you been?
i've been doing quite well lately,
constant study and less less (almost no) tv and comp,
but a lot a lot of sms n calls T.T
money arrrrrr.

and i've been quite a good student helper's too :)
hahahaha still feeling very passionate.

and for LAN we're required to do some project assignment thing,
our task's to visit the orphanage :)
its not too hard lah. kan?

i heard many have started to work this and that,
you ppl take care n have fun ya! :)

to wx.
star arrr, cheer up la
i'll help you to search for a better job.
no more tears okay! :)

alright. thats all for now.
class's starting in a few more minutes time.
ciao!! :D

no hurries :)

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