Wednesday, January 20, 2010


tho i'm actually earning back my DAD'S money lahhh.

lol but who cares?:)
as long as i get the money XD
damn happy!

so the job's as a student's helper.
fuhh. sounds damn cool right?
actually its something like librarian work la,
in the library, of taylor's. haaa duh!
did the first hour today,
was more like working out with the heavy books. lol.

first you gotta sort the books out 
then rearrange the book according to alphabetical and numerical order
sounds very easy but it gets frustrated tho, 
especially when you see people grab the books and simply throw it at a corner after using it.
but its fun, in a way. 
haaaa. and and and the part's that i get to see cute international dudes! :)
great kan?

and there was these 2 Vietnam dudes (which are kinda good looking) who signed up the job together with moi.
damn happy lo.
the cuter one even intro-ed himself to me after the briefing!
i'm definitely going to have much much fun there la.
HEEEEE *evil looks.

thats all for now la.

take care ya. 
loves loves loves!!

looking forward to :)

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